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Riot Damage Money and the Best Way to Get ItWhat are Riot Damage money? And what can you do to get some of it? This what are the primary sources of long-term funds for new business owners article looks at these two issues and tries to answer the question "what is Riot Damage?" You will be surprised to know that Riot Damage is a form of compensation money that is paid by websites, forums, blogs and many more for various reasons and on a variety of occasions.I will try to explain Riot Damage Money in simple language so that you will understand. When somebody writes a post about your website or blog, you will notice a blue bar at the bottom of the page. There will be comments along the sides of the screen and a box where you can enter your name and a short blurb about yourself. You will also find links to share the post or share it with other people.If your website is involved in any type of heated discussion or debate with another forum or website, then you may have an opportunity to claim Riot Damage Money. It is a simple amount that you can claim in case of a fight, a row, a person who uses vulgar language or the like. It is important to state that this amount does not come free of cost but if you are to win your case you need to ensure that you spend a minimal amount of money in order to win.For example, say you are a regular on Facebook and you had a heated argument with your friend on Facebook. You have to contact Facebook to make sure that there is Riot Damage Money available and here is the important part: your friend does not use Facebook.If he or she uses Facebook, there is Riot Damage Money available, if they are a member of Facebook. Since you do not want to waste time and money to get the same result again, then it is recommended that you stick to less popular websites, such as Twitter, YouTube, MySpace and others.To win your claim, you should write a letter stating your case and details about the situation. You can mention in your letter that you are not going to write a personal attack letter or a letter which mentions any offensive manner on purpose and that you want Riot Damage Money to cover the damages caused. Your letter should be sincere and you should try to avoid using any foul language and offensive terms.After you have followed all the above mentioned points, you should wait for a few days and then send a request to Riot to make a claim. Normally, it takes around 20 days to receive a response and then you can get your claim confirmed.So how much Riot Damage Money can you claim? Well, it all depends on the severity of the situation and of course on your winning chances. The better your chances are, the more money you will get.

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