Virginia Marriage Records

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However, that does not hinder the state government of this state to manage the storage of its millions of marriage records. As a matter of fact, one of the important public records of this state is Virginia Marriage Records. But although it?s available, accessing this information in the state of Virginia is not an easy thing to do due to its being restrictive.

It is the Virginia Office of Vital Records which reports directly to the State Department of Health that stores those marriage records in Virginia along with its other vital records such as Divorce, Birth, and Death records. Those reports which were dated since 1853 until now are also retrievable through this office. What everyone should know is that this state is restricting anyone who is not part of the involved person?s immediate family to request a copy for such record. Those who are only allowed are the parents, grandparent, spouse, child, and sibling and they can only obtain what they want if they have a valid photo-identification with them such as a driver?s license, passport, and military ID.

Hence, if you?re someone who is outside that circle, then acquiring that Marriage Records in Virginia will be impossible. You may have them but only after the law will make it as public information and that?s 50 years after the marriage occurred. The availability of these marriage records to the public does not mean that they are totally free from any charges. The truth is that they are still requiring for an administrative fee for each certificate or search that is done. Whether there?s a result or none, you still have to pay such amount that is not refundable or transferable. An estimated time of around 1 to 2 weeks should be spared as the waiting time for the result.

There are three recommended ways that the Virginia Record Office has provided in order to make a request for the state?s marriage reports-through walk-in, mail, or the government registry. The most recommended means for the fastest acquisition of the result is by walk-in since with this, the desired information is obtainable on the same day that you go to their office. It is very much different from the other two ways in which dealing with that longer waiting time period for the result to be produced is usually an issue.

With the advanced technology now, doing a Marriage Records Search can already be done with the aid of the Internet. As far as the process is concerned, this is the most practical and popular way of doing it. Various private record providers are now online to help you bear that load for that easier, faster, and hassle-free way of searching. Today, all you need to do is to pay an affordable fee for that reachable and dream-come-true type of information that you need. What?s good about these online providers is the fact that they offer refunds for those searches that did not produce any result.

It is not obligatory that you search for these marriage records but there are a lot of reasons for you to do it. Parts of these reasons are to conduct a background check on someone especially on a future spouse and to check on your genealogy.

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